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Models and Accessories

List of Abbreviations Used
HOBrass HO Stock
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OMilwaukee 40' & 50' Ribbed Side Box Car In O Scale!
ONew O Scale Urethane Models!
Sylvan CN/ Frisco outside braced boxcar.
O Coke Oven Fronts:
Bee hive type stone coke oven fronts. Each piece is 12 ˝” long, with three openings. Ends are interlocked, so several fronts can be joined together to provide a long coke battery. Based on C&O Sewell, WV. Three oven openigs, $17.95 per 12.1/2”
O Detail parts:

New roping staples IN BRASS. Roping staples used on many types of boxcars, hoppers, stock cars

and others, either on the side or bottom of the body bolster, for towing. 4 towing loops $8.00.

CMA grab irons- wire, straight, drop, and roof corner grabs-$4.95 per pack.

Brakes-K Cylinder-PSC; AB-set Grandt Line $8.00. Also San Juan / PSC in brass & plastic.

Intermountain-Roof walks $2.00 each, doors- 2 each (40’), wood or steel $1.95.

Intermountain under frame or roofs $3.95. Car bodies $8.00.

8 rung ladders in plastic for Milw ribside. $8.00 for a set of 2 ladders.

Air hoses in plastic or brass from PSC.
O Kadee Couplers-804 or 805 - $3.95 per pack. Twenty or more packs $3.25 per pair.

New “prototype head” couplers. Differing shanks -. $9.50 (4 couplers). 10 or more $7.95

IM trucks- kits $6.95. SALE Assembled: 10 pair or more $4.00 per pair.

San Juan Truck kits $12.95 RTR with metal wheels $18.95. Atlas die cast trucks- all types

Red Caboose truck kits $5.00

Metal wheels: Intermountain discounted $9.95. 10 packs or more $8.95. Retail is $11.95

San Juan rib back wheels with metal tires $7.95 per set Northwest Shortline $18.95

Many other O and HO brass, plastic and cast models
in stock which will be listed as we continue to expand our site!

We are a full service hobby dealer. Inquire about your hobby needs.

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