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Rails Unlimited O Scale Urethane Models
Special Cars
Cast urethane from hand crafted masters, assembled one piece bodies, ready to detail, made in the USA.

CBQ 36' stock cars class SM-16 and SM-18

These three classes of CB&Q 36' stock cars total 3000 cars with many construction variations. All of the cars have a distinctive feature in the high side sill, with vertical and diagonal posts connecting to the bolsters and cross bearers, creating a “sawtooth” appearance.

The first cars were built in 1922 and had a long life into the BN era in the 1970’s. The three classes are divided as follows:

SM-16 58000 to 58999 built by Streator 1000 each in 1924
59000 to 59499 built by ACF 500 each in 1922

SM-18A 55950 to 56949 built Galesburg 1000 each in 1926-1928

SM-18 56950 to 57449 built Aurora 500 each in 1926

The SM-16 initial difference between the Streator and ACF cars is in the steel “Z” braces and posts. The 500 ACF “Z” braces are cut square on the bottoms. The 1000 Streator cars have the intermediate diagonal “Z” bars cut at an angle, as shown in photos.

The ends of both groups were built with lower “rail” doors and high “drovers or lumber “ doors. As the cars were rebuilt, one or both doors were eliminated from the ends. As built both groups of cars has arch bar trucks, which were replaced by Andrews trucks in the 1930’s. Both groups were built with wood right hand herald and left hand letter boards, but during repairs were sometimes one or both areas changed to metal plates.

Class 18/18A cars have three differences. This class used a narrower bolster, included in the kit and the bolster center plate was turned to make a one foot shorter wheel base. (SM-16 27’ 4 5/8” vs SM-18 26’ 4 5/8”). The third difference is where the side post and diagonal attach to the bolster is a smaller gusset plate. (Just cut excess plate material from the kit.) SM-18 had no end doors, either high or low. As built, the cars had steel plates for the herald and the reporting marks/ car number. All Z bars were square cut at the bottom.

This model has "true Z braces" made of two parts. The bottom flange with bolt detail, is cast onto the side, and then evergreen angles are added by the modeler into a hidden slot, to form the web and top flange of each Z brace.

Flat kit $90.00, assembled body $140.

StockCarCBQ1 (140K) StockCarCBQ2 (149K) StockCarCBQ3 (112K) StockCarCBQ4 (131K)
MILW 36' Stock Car
  • 36' MILWAUKEE, composite wood sides and ends, steel under frame, plain floor, 1927 to the 1970's.

    Flat kit (6 pieces, clean slates) $90.00. Assembled, weighted body $140.00. (Can be made into a open top coke car.)

    NEW 36’ Milwaukee double deck stock car. 1927 to 1970’s. Flat kit 90.00, assembled body $140.00.

march-cars-043 (38K) Daddys-Pictures-024 (24K) Daddys-Pictures-025 (23K) MIL_104540 (35K) MIL_104955 (33K) MIL_110123 (33K)
Reissue -ATSF - RR27 - 40’STEEL REEFER
R27Ref (56K)
Unique 5 foot door, ice hatches, and inverse dreadnaught ends, make for a special model. Body $130.00

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