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Rails Unlimited O Scale Urethane Models
Special Cars
Cast urethane from hand crafted masters, assembled one piece bodies, ready to detail, made in the USA.

MILW 36' Stock Car
  • 36' MILWAUKEE, composite wood sides and ends, steel under frame, plain floor, 1927 to the 1970's.

    Flat kit (6 pieces, clean slates) $90.00. Assembled, weighted body $140.00. (Can be made into a open top coke car.)

    NEW 36’ Milwaukee double deck stock car. 1927 to 1970’s. Flat kit 90.00, assembled body $140.00.

march-cars-043 (38K) Daddys-Pictures-024 (24K) Daddys-Pictures-025 (23K) MIL_104540 (35K) MIL_104955 (33K) MIL_110123 (33K)
Reissue -ATSF - RR27 - 40’STEEL REEFER
R27Ref (56K)
Unique 5 foot door, ice hatches, and inverse dreadnaught ends, make for a special model. Body $130.00

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