Milwaukee Road Decals
These decals are the first accurate and complete lettering for various Milwaukee road ribside and smoothside boxcars.

Each sheet contains lettering for three car types, though only one car can be lettered fully from the sheet.

Sheet #1 - covers 40' ribside boxcars. Cars 41 and 42 are the same long rib car, except for different doors. Car 43 has the ribs ending short of the ladder area. The sheet is $18.00.

Sheet#2 - covers a 40' and two 50' boxcars. Car 44 is a 40' double door ribside. Car 51 is a 50' double door ribside. And car 52 is a smoothside 50' double door boxcar. This sheet is also $9.95.

[NOTE: These decal sheets are shown at very low resolution for the Web]

Milwaukee Road / CTH&SE decals!

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Decals- NEW - Rock Island stock car $12.00 both RR Roman and Gothic on one sheet

NEW - CBQ STOCK CAR SM-16/18 all variations $9.95

CGW - “PS zero” XM decals $12.00

Decals- Burlington Stock Car decals CB&Q 36' stock cars. $9.95

NEW SP decals 50’ auto cars A50-5, A50-6 & A50-7, and subsidiary lines. $12.95

Lehigh Valley XM $9.95

SAL 1932 boxcars. Either “Orange Blossom Special” or “Silver Meteor” $8.95

NKP with large R $4.00

B&O wagon top in three schemes on one sheet $12.95

Milwaukee Road- 40' ribside boxcars $9.95

Milwaukee Road- 40' double door and 50' cars, auto cars- $9.95

Milwaukee Road-billboard lettering with large herald $6.95 (dimensional data above)

Milwaukee Road-stock car lettering, all three eras $10.95

CM&StP- 40’ single sheathed boxcar, as built lettering $9.95

CTH&SE/ CM&StP early heralds/ diesel X’s $9.95

Wabash box cars $9.95 two styles as built or later lettering

ACL gondolas decals. Two styles, as built or later 1950’s lettering $9.95

PRR GRA gondola lettering in revenue service. $9.95

PRR GRA gondola lettering in MOW service- black-$6.95

PRR USRA gondola lettering $9.95

Heinz for vinegar cars $8.50

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