Milwaukee Road Decals

This decal set allows up to five pieces of Milwaukee Road equipment to be lettered!

Decal Sheet At the top of the set is a spelled out CM&STP for either a twin, outside rib hopper or a steam loco. The locomotive lettering can be placed on the tender coal board extensions of the USRA L-3's or can be centered on the side of any loco tender. When used on the coal board of the USRA L-3 the large" US" comes from data set #107 available from Rails Unlimited. When centered on the tender side the "&" is used instead of the "and".

Click here to see larger example of the decal sheet. Please note that these are both low resolution images and do not represent the actual decal sheet.

This spelled out CM&STP can also be used for lettering early twin outside ribbed, open hoppers in the 57801 to 57835 (odd numbers) series. Note the is substituted for the "ST." The USRA hopper is a close body style for this car; just add the diagonal channel (Evergreen styrene) brace at each end. Accurail makes an excellent HO model and Intermountain makes the O scale version. Note the 578 series numbers are grouped together in the gon number jungle.

The large spelled out CM&STP is for the sides of cabooses and boxcars. (As shown in second photo below)

Below that are the numbers and all data for lettering flair side gondolas. These were the Milwaukee's first steel underframe gons built in 1909 and there were 2500 cars in the class. These cars were in revenue service till 1950 and in MOW service into the late fifties. These cars can be easily built starting with a USRA 40' underframe. The side stakes are from Grandt Line high side gon with the stake tops cut at an angle. If a string of these distinctive cars are wanted, a side and end jig are helpful.

Below the gon is the CTH&SE lettering for an open top, rib side, twin hopper in the 7000 to 7899 series. A photo of this car appears in Shaughnessy's Rutland book on page 132. In O scale the Weaver #1030 hopper has the correct rib spacing. (As shown in first photo below)

At the bottom of the sheet are "X's" for the frames of diesels. They are tall enough for those high Fairbanks Morse frames. Use a knife to trim the top and bottom to the desired height. In O scale this line of "X's" is available separately for $4 each.

This set also has two new heralds. The upper CMStP&P herald was used in the 1928 to 1940's era with or without the border on locomotive tenders and rolling stock. Note the "St. Paul" is curved and "Pacific" is straight. This is opposite of other decals and is unique. The CM&STP herald was applied to box car doors about 1918.

There is scale 6" lettering under the upper herald for Dakota & Iowa and Dubuque divisions. This is the small lettering applied to cabooses to show division assignments.

I hope you find this decal set interesting and useful. I look forward to suggestions for other sets.

  • The O scale sheet is $9.95 plus 1.50 postage.
  • The HO scale sheet is $5.95 plus 1.00 postage.
Note: there is only one postage charge per order.
Data set #107 is $3.00 for HO or $6.00 (two sheets) for O scale.

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Select CTH&SE lettering for an open top, rib side, twin hopper in the 7000 to 7899 series.

Select Early CM&STP boxcar.

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