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SelectEarly layout construction in 1991. This is the upper staging yard at Calmar and the first track laid on the layout. Note the layout is temporarily supported by cardboard boxes. It will shortly be lifted about five feet higher and hung from the ceiling where the threaded rod is all ready hanging for its support. This staging yard is complete with track and wiring all ready installed.

SelectA overall layout view. In the foreground is the new center peninsula staging called New Dubuque. It is about 100 foot long and consists of four yards that each have five double ended tracks that can hold 20 trains. In the background three levels of the layout can be seen. The lower level is La Crescent staging. Above it is the east end of Spechts Ferry with its huge coal mine. And at the top with the water tank is east end of Beulah at the top of "Monona Hill", a helper grade.

SelectLayout Raising May 19, 1991!!! Calmar staging is lifted into place by 27 people! Each section is about 30 foot long and is complete with track, turnouts and wiring. After the three sections were in place, short sections of track were laid to connect the sections.

SelectAction at Beulah, Ia where a westbound mainline train on the left is passing the double headed freight on the right. Note the mainline is higher than the pass. The mainline train is headed by Milwaukee mike with a large 6 axle tender. The double headed freight has two consols from PSC.

SelectAction at Marquette's West Yard with a mike passing a scratch built caboose.

SelectMarquette's West Yard with a consol switching. Note the green MStL truss rod box behind the engine. Additional yard tracks were latter added to the foreground of this scene.

SelectSteam at Marquette! Three mikes and a consol. Note the four lettering styles for the locos. Some of these decals are available in the decal section of our web site. The mike at the rear is lettered in as delivered scheme from the USRA. the Herald in the foreground was used both with and without a border.

SelectEastbound train passing Edmore depot pulled by FM H-10-44's. Edmore is a busy cement mill town. The trestle in the foreground is a siding for loading covered cement hoppers.

Select A scratch built refer for handling the meat and dairy traffic of northern Iowa and southern Minnesota. There are 25 of these cars scratch built from styrene and each has a custom decal set with a unique, colorful, herald "to Puget Sound Electrified".

SelectMarquette's West Yard in the background while under construction. Note the three way turnout in the left foreground and the engine terminal with scratch built turntable to the right. The visiting RD&S mike is pulling a eastbound "meat train"

SelectRichmond, Danville & Southern Heavy Mike #114 at Beulah just before sunset. This is one of three Q-4b's purchased from the Baltimore & Ohio Railroad after WWII. (Daniel Dawdy Photo)

SelectChicago & Northwestern Alcos and a geep at Beulah, early dawn light. (Daniel Dawdy Photo)

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