These unique, high quality, limited run photos, were created by both company employees and commercial photographers working for the Milwaukee Road. The negatives are either 8x10 or 5x7inches in size, yielding superb quality photographs. The prints are made by contact printing, archival processed, on medium weight, premium quality, glossy paper.

The photos are divided
into the following sections:
  • Diesel
  • Steam
  • Electric
  • Motor Cars
  • Passenger Cars
  • Maintenance of Way Equipment
The varied views of equipment are generally broad side of both sides, end views, 3/4 views and sometimes detail, overhead and interior views.

I will only have these negatives a short time. As the stock of prints sells out I may not be able to completely fill orders.

For each piece of equipment you may purchase as many of the views as desired.

The prints are priced as follows:

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ELGIN, ILL. 60120-9524

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5x7" .....

 $3.00 each

8X10" .....

 $5.00 each

50 prints or more, reduce price by 10%
Shipping is postpaid on orders of 10 prints or more.
Less than ten prints add $3.00 shipping and handling.
loco # Model Number of views Location Date Print size Notes
5 Erie A 4 Milwaukee Wis. Depot Mar-47 8X10 3 units ABA
8C Erie A 1 unknown ? 8X10 3 units-ABA- in snow
10A Erie A 1 Milwaukee Shops Nov-50 8X10 A unit on turntable with new number boards
14 DL109 7 Milwaukee Shops Nov-41 8x10 Old Maude, both sides plus detail views
14 DL109 1 Milwaukee Shops Aug-46 8x10 installing motor through roof
14B Erie A 1 Milwaukee Shops Jun-53 8x10 3/4 view
15 E6A 6 Western Ave., Ill. Oct-41 8x10 new engines
15 E6A 1 Milwaukee Shops Sep-41 8x10 with passenger train
17B E7A 1 Western Ave., Ill. Oct-41 8x10 front view with open coupler covers
17B E7A 5 Milwaukee Shops Jun-46 8x10 AA units. One front view also showsFT 37
17B E7A 2 Milwaukee Shops May-48 8x10 New paint scheme
21A Erie A 2 Milwaukee Shops Aug-50 8x10 in shop, new number boards, nose & cab
22A Erie A 5 Milwaukee Shops Oct-47 8x10 views all around this engine
28A CFA16-4 1 Beloit, Wis   8x10 ABA set, Fairbanks Morse photo
37 FT 1 Milwaukee Shops Apr-46 8x10 ABBA, new Mars light
41A FT 2 Milwaukee Shops Aug-43 8x10 ABBA set
41A FT 1 Milwaukee Shops Sep-51 8x10 inside shops, new number board, ABBA
43A FT 1 Milwaukee Shops Apr-51 8x10 seating inside cab
44D FT 2 Milwaukee Shops Apr-51 8x10 seating inside cab
45 FT 4 Milwaukee Shops Mar-45 8x10 ABBA set
46A FT 2 Milwaukee Shops 1945 8x10 front views
76B F7B 3 Milwaukee Shops Nov-51 8x10 rear 3/4 view, both sides, broadside in shop
76C F7 2 Milwaukee Shops Nov-51 8x10 rear of unit
81 F3 1 Milwaukee Shops   8x10 EMD proposed painting, copy
107C F7 1 Milwaukee Shops May-51 8x10 ABA set, 3/4 view
108C F7 2 Milwaukee Shops Jun-51 8x10 cab interior-seats
512 EMC 5 Milwaukee, Wis Depot Oct-35 8x10 EMC demonstrators, 2 units on pasgr train
962 RS1 3 Milwaukee Shops Jun-50 8x10 both sides, unique paint scheme
962T   2 Milwaukee Shops Jun-50 8x10 RS1T fuel tender, end and side views
990 RSC2 4 Milwaukee Shops Apr-47 8x10 end and side views, orange & gray scheme
996 RS2 5 Milwaukee Shops Mar-49 8x10 Views all around this engine, unique paint
1500 AS616? 2 Milwaukee Shops Jul-47 8x10 Baldwin demonstrator, 3/4 and front view
1600 HH660 6 Milwaukee Shops Apr-40 8x10 Views all around this engine, black scheme
1602 HH660 3 Cedar Rapids, Iowa Jun-41 8x10 has end and side stripes, black scheme
1603 HH660 6 Cedar Rapids, Iowa Jun-41 8x10 striped blk. scheme, Pennick & Ford plant
1610 SW1 2 Janesville, Wis. Jul-39 8x10 black scheme
1611 SW1 1 Janesville, Wis.? Jul-39 8x10 black scheme, rear 3/4 fireman's side
1615 SW1 2 Milwaukee Shops Mar-40 8x10 black scheme, rear and rear 3/4
1618 SW1 1 Milwaukee Shops Oct-40 8x10 front view, on turntable
1619 SW1 7 Milwaukee depot, Wis Apr-40 8x10 with OMRX 539 & passenger car 3857
1634 SW1 5 Milwaukee canal yard Sep-41 8x10 black scheme, views all around the unit
1650 NW2 6 Milwaukee Shops Jun-39 8x10 black scheme, fireman's side and both ends
1651 NW2 4 Milwaukee Shops Jul-42 8x10 orange and gray scheme, views all around
1665 S2 2 Milwaukee Shops Jan-44 8x10 orange & gray scheme, both sides 3/4
1667 S2 4 Milwaukee Shops Sep-43 8x10 orange and gray scheme
1671 S2 2 Milwaukee Shops Nov-44 8x10 cab interior-seats
1672 S2 6 Milwaukee Shops Oct-44 8x10 views around this unit, black scheme
1676 RS1 5 Milwaukee Shops May-43 8x10 orange gray, views all around this unit
1679 RS1 5 Milwaukee-Reed Street Jul-41 8x10 black scheme, views all around the unit
1680 VO1000 5 Milwaukee-Canal Yard Nov-40 8x10 black scheme, views all around the unit
1682 VO1000 5 Milwaukee Shops Nov-42 8x10 orange&gray scheme, views all around unit
1685 VO1000 2 Milwaukee Shops Jan-44 8x10 orange & gray scheme, both sides 3/4
1690 GE 44T 6 Milwaukee depot, Wis Sep-40 8x10 black, both sides, one end, details
1691 VO1000 2 Milwaukee Shops Sep-45 8x10 orange and gray scheme, 4 stacks
1696 DS44-1000 4 Milwaukee Shops Nov-48 8x10 orange & gray scheme, views all around unit
1699 Whit 44T 3 Milwaukee Shops Oct-40 8x10 black scheme, Whitcomb centercab
1705 Whit 44T 4 Milwaukee Shops Nov-41 8x10 black striped scheme, views all around
1708 Dav 44T 4 Davenport,Ia.? Jan-42 8x10 Davenport centercab, both sides & interior
1709 Dav 44T 4 Milwaukee Shops Feb-42 8x10 Davenport centercab, both sides & end
1800 Whit 80T 2 Milwaukee Shops Dec-42 8x10 Whitcomb 80 toner in orange and gray sch.
1802 H1044 2 ? Apr-45 8x10 orange & gray scheme, both sides 3/4
1803 H1044 6 Milwaukee Shops Jul-45 8x10 orange&gray scheme, views all around unit
1808 H1044 1 Milwaukee Shops Oct-45 8x10 orange and gray scheme,engr.side rear 3/4
1809 H1044 3 Milwaukee Shops Nov-45 8x10 orange & gray scheme, both sides 3/4
2101 AS616 4 Milwaukee Shops May-51 8x10 A&B unit, transfer loco, orn. & gray scheme
2150 RSD5 5 Schenectady,NY? 1952 8x10 orange & black scheme, views all around
5800 Whit 80T 1 Chicago,Ill ? 1930's? 8x10 Whitcomb centercab, black scheme
203 S2 14 Milwaukee Shops Nov-37 8x10 views all around, details, top view, tender
206 S2 2 Baldwin Shops Nov-37 8x10 both sides
212 S2 9 Milwaukee Shops Dec-37 8x10 detail views, 2 overhead views, inside of cab
212 S2 4 Milwaukee Shops Apr-44 8x10 reverse duplex syphon, detail views
212 S2 2 Milwaukee Shops May-44 8x10 details inside smokebox
200? S2 9 Milwaukee Shops ? 8x10 200-229 boiler ,before installation
200 S2 1 Milwaukee Shops ? 8x10 200-229 backhead in cab. Piping in white
232 S2 4 Milwaukee Shops Apr-40 8x10 engr. Side, front and cab area detail
236 S2 1 Milwaukee Shops Jun-46 8x10 fireman's 3/4
238 S2 12 Milwaukee Shops Jun-40 8x10 both sides, rear, and many detail views
262 S3 3 Milwaukee Shops Jul-44 8x10 side, rear and top of tender
264 S3 1 Milwaukee Shops Aug-44 8x10 Hancock injector-detail
267 S3 3 Milwaukee Shops Aug-44 8x10 fireman's side, detail views
364 L3 1 Milwaukee Shops Apr-53 8x10 split print, both sides shown w x908170
Loco # Model Number of Views Location Date Print Size Noted
10200A EF1 2 Milwaukee, Wis Depot 1915 5X7 new engines being delivered-from glass plate
10200A EF1 1 Milwaukee, Wis Depot 1915 8x10 enlargement of A unit, black scheme
10203 EF1 1 ? 1915 8x10 A&B units, from glass plate, black scheme
10203B EF1 1 ? 1915 8x10 same as above, first unit enlarged
10507 EP1 1 Deer Lodge, Mont? 1933 5x7 3 units A,B,C, black scheme
E28 EF3 1 Deer Lodge, Mont? 1939 8x10 B,C,A. black paint
10250 EP2 1 ? 1919? 8x10 copy of GE photo, black scheme
10250 EP2 7 Milwaukee Shops Nov-34 8x10 in special paint for Century of Progress show
10251 EP2 1 ? 1922 5x7 from glass plate, black paint
10251 EP2 1 ? 1922 8x10 1922, enlarged view
10252 EP2 2 West Allis, Wis Aug.-27 5x7 1927, at state fair, partial views
E3 EP2 4 Milwaukee, Wis Depot Jun-49 8x10 New paint sch-orange, gray, marron ,silver
E4 EP2 1 ? Mar-39 8x10 black paint, 3/4 view
10254 EP2 1 mountains   5x7 3/4 with baggage car, Ansel Curtis
10255 EP2 1 mountains   8x10 3/4 engine only, black paint
10300 EP3 1 Milwaukee, Wis.? 1919? 5x7 broadside, glass plate, black paint
10300 EP3 1   1922? 8x10 broadside, black paint with later lettering
10301 EP3 1 mountains 1920 8x10 men on front platform, 3/4 view, black paint
10305 EP3 2 mountains Sep-39 8x10 2 views, President Warren Harding in cab
10305 EP3 1   Sep-39 8x10 close up of plaque on Harding engine
E71 EF4 1 Deer Lodge, Mont 1950? 8x10 3/4 view, orange, black & maroon paint
E20 EP4 1 Deer Lodge, Mont Feb-52 8x10 front view
E82 ES2 4 Deer Lodge, Mont Feb-52 8x10 views of both side & ends, orange & black
10000 ES1 1 Erie, Pa. ? 1915 8x10 became E85, broadside
5900   4 Milwaukee Shops May-48 8x10 homebuilt by Milw Rd.
5900   10 Milwaukee Shops May-48 8x10 interior, motor, cab, accessories
5900   12 Milwaukee Shops 1947 8x10 under construction, some damaged negs
5901   6 Milwaukee Shops 1948 8x10 both sides and front views
5937   1 ?   8X10 1931, 1928 Pullman blt car, front 3/4
5937   5 ?   8x10 1931 interior of engine & cab compartment
5252 TAP 5 Milwaukee shops Oct-42 8x10 Tap and diner-interior views
Omeme Obs 5 Milwaukee shops Sep-36 8x10 end and side, 3 interior views
Hiland parlor 6 Milwaukee shops Aug-38 8x10 one 3/4 view, rest interior
Shada parlor 7 Milwaukee shops Sep-36 8x10 one 3/4 view, rest interior
Earling obs 1 Milwaukee shops Mar-46 8x10 end view showing Mars light addition
4 sleeper 2 Milwaukee shops Nov-48 8x10 Lake Pepin, both sides
25 sleeper 2 Chicago, Ill ? Dec-48 8x10 Chippewa River, both sides
? obs 4 Chicago, Ill ? Dec-48 8x10 Skytop-obs-sleeper, interior views
115 tap? 1 Milwaukee Shops Jul-47 8x10 interior with tables
186 obs 5 Milwaukee Shops Apr-48 8x10 Skytop-parlor. Interior views
  bus. Car 1 Milwaukee Shops Oct-48 8x10 Business car Milw-rear view-exterior
X192 pile driver 4 Milwaukee Shops Dec-53 8x10 jack knife pile driver. Both sides and rear.
X192 pile driver 15 Milwaukee Shops Dec-53 8x10 jack knife pile driver. Construction views

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